• Meet The Behind The Scenes Team

    Other companies have a high powered executive team. We have -- Budgies!


    Paid in birdseed wages and millet bonuses, this parakeet flock embodies happiness and abundance with a great joy for living. They are an inspiration for us to live in the present and enjoy each day.


    Around here, we add humor to every day :)


    Chief Bird Officer - Top Bird

    Sadly, Gracie passed away from old age on July 13, 2019 :(

    As the dominant bird, Gracie leads the way in feeder and perch takeover. A born leader, until--well, cats. Since she's never seen one, she leads with boldness.

    CFO- Chief Flying Officer

    Flying IS a sport

    Sunny is Gracie's spouse. His talent shines as the fastest speed flyer in the aviary. Bonds with Clouds for singing rallies. Believes the future of this company is bright---yellow.

    Customer Satisfaction Specialist

    Greg is Gracie and Sunny's chick, hatched May 30th, 2018.

    Greg is following in Gracie's footsteps to be dominant boss bird. Current life goal: hanging upside down from a perch like Clouds, his best friend.

    Chief Web Designer-Head Chirper

    Believes working in the Cloud is the future of birdkind

    Prefers Light theme on websites, with blue as an accent color. Clouds decorates the aviary with the latest art trend: feathers. Enjoys competitive chirping.

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