• Meet The Behind The Scenes Team

    Other companies have a high powered executive team. We have -- Budgies!


    Paid in birdseed wages and millet bonuses, this parakeet flock embodies happiness and abundance with a great joy for living. They are an inspiration for us to live in the present and enjoy each day.


    Around here, we add humor to every day :)


    Chief Security Officer

    Don't mess with Big Blue

    He's big, he's blue--he's an English budgie! Skylar and Clouds work

    hard to ensure the cage is free from uneaten millet.

    Head Prima Donna

    If it's yours, it's going to be MINE

    Jade is queen of the cage. Enough said.

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    Some Curated Videos For Your Business & Personal Success

    Why am I promoting other people's content? (and I don't earn money on this)

    • It is my mission to see as many people succeed as possible
    • it's not about me, it about YOU
    • Other creators have important info to share that may interest you
    • There's plenty of abundance to go around
    If you are a creator with similar helpful success and profit building videos to share, just email me at suzanne@suzannemunley.com with a link to your content and I'll post it at no cost to you.



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