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How To Kick Procrastination to The Curb

We all have our times when we put off things we ought to be doing. It's called procrastination --delaying getting into action. I've put off writing this article long enough so let's get right to it!

First let's examine "why" we put things off in the first place. Are you too busy? think you need to be in the mood to do it? not sure what to do to begin?

We have a feeling on some level that once we get moving, action will follow action until the task is complete. However, we can be very creative coming up with reasons why to procrastinate in the first place.

if you stop and take a breath, and think about it, perhaps you realize deep down that these are just excuses. I know I have many to use when I don't feel like doing something. My inner procrastinator can be very creative.

Excuses hide fears. They can be:

  • fear of making a mistake
  • fear of failure--not being able to complete the task
  • fear of the outcome-what's next when it's done?
  • fear of not having enough time
  • fear of not pleasing others

Any others you can think of? Write them down.

How do you bust through some of these fears and get stuff done?

Most of the time, simply getting started puts the excuses and fears to rest.

Let's move forward and---

Block out some time. Have 15 minutes right now? Take a deep breath, put down and silence your devices.

Blocking time on your calendar, written or electronic, is a good aid. We schedule other things in our business and personal life. Time to add these activities to the list.

Take one tiny action. Just one for now. Perhaps you need to clean out the garage. It seems insurmountable. So much stuff to weed through and decisions to make. Open the door and pick one thing you can move or discard. Only one.

Chances are good that once you move that one item you'll feel inspired to continue.

Use your entire block of time, even if you get distracted. It's ok to allow the distractions to happen. At the end of the time block, you will still feel like you accomplished something. You completed the one thing you set out to do.

Not finished with the whole task? More to do? Don't sweat it! Congratulate yourself on the one thing you did get done. Don't focus mentally on how much is left to be completed.

Schedule another time block. Have a free hour after work on Thursday? Block it in.

This method not only works with physical projects, it's also good for creative activities such as art or writing.

You can continue the current project or you can choose another.

Realize that in most situations, getting things done is your choice. You can have one project going at once in time blocks, or many.

After trying this method, you'll discover that it's easier to knock back the desire to procrastinate. This is helping me a lot in writing articles and working on my upcoming book.

Time blocking will become a habit and you'll be able to accomplish more.

Now, pick a project and block off that time and get going! Be sure to schedule in some self care time too :)

You're awesome!

To your prosperity and abundance with love, Suzanne

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