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How to use the law of attraction to be a better leader

Becoming a better leader using the Law Of Attraction

A basic tenet of the Law of Attraction says that "Like Attracts Like", meaning that whatever you focus most upon in your mind is what you will bring into your life.

Many people use this in their personal lives, as I do, to bring harmony, people and things. However, did you know you could also become a better leader in your business or work using these principles?

Let's examine what is meant by being "better" leader. Perhaps you look around and see the people in your workplace not producing the results you'd like. Some call out all the time or are consistently late. Often they do not complete assigned projects in a timely manner or seem disengaged from their jobs.

Does this mean you are a poor leader? Not at all; you are already a good leader. You chose to be there; you attracted your current state by past actions.

As a leader you must address the details of excessive absenteeism, lateness and apathy as soon as it occurs. It doesn't mean you should treat your employees or fellow workers as if they are children, however the price of not taking care of issues as they occur is like a poison and will extend to the rest of your "good" people. You will lose your best performers. The end result is that business will decrease---and you, as a leader, are responsible for this.

What to do? Approach the issues directly as soon as you perceive an issue.

Ask the employee/teammate how you can best support them. Are they going through a personal issue? Health issue, family crisis? Is their friction with another coworker?

Suggest ways for them to perform better. Do they need their schedule changed so they can get to work on time? Do they need more time to finish the current project?

Define a time frame to correct the behavior. Follow up and stick to it.

Notice when they are doing things right. Mention it to them when you see they are really trying. Praise the consistent workers; a "thank you" goes a long way.

Don't get emotionally involved. The employee or coworker will decide if they want to change the errant behavior--or not.

What will happen? Those who are not committed to their work or company will leave--or you will let them go, as their skills may be better suited elsewhere.

You will attract a "better" worker. Your current top performers will be more engaged and happy. Your employees will be more excited about your company and mission--and that will affect your bottom line.

The most important way to attract the people and talent you are looking for is:

Work on yourself!

Allow plenty of time in your day for introspection and meditation.

Read or listen to books, ebooks, programs, or videos on leadership and success.

Take online classes in personal development.

Surround your self with like minded business people or professionals in your field.

Here's an article from Brian Tracy to add to this topic:



To your abundance with love, Suzanne

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