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Are you a leader with no one to lead?

You have leadership skills---that no one sees! Ways to deal with these challenges
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Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions ---Harold S. Geneen

In business, things happen. Jobs are lost, businesses restructure, and suddenly you find yourself as a "team" of 1.

Or, as a solopreneur building your business by yourself you sense feelings of being distant from others.

Does this mean you are no longer a leader? Not at all! In fact, it gives you an excellent opportunity to connect in other ways.

If you are employed by someone else, you can still demonstrate leadership qualities by:

  • modeling a positive attitude throughout transitions
  • taking on other job roles that may lead to future leadership promotion--though doing all the work, while admirable and sometimes necessary, should not be your goal
  • expanding on ideas with upper executives to make the business more profitable or more streamlined from your experience
  • ask for constructive feedback from upper management to see where you can best contribute 

If you are a solopreneur:

  • join or lead a networking group in your industry or with a similar entrepreneurial vision
  • hire and lead motivated people ---this can also mean virtual assistants and contractors
  • take some time at least once a week to step back and revisit your business vision---sometimes client needs change or an adjustment is necessary
  • work with your business coach to co-create ways to address your toughest issues
  • get feedback from other solopreneurs with your similar situation on social media

Here's a great article to expand on these ideas:READ HERE

To your abundance with love, Suzanne