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Bring Back Your Creative Genius

Creative ideas eluding you? Here are ways to get back into the work flow

Trying to come up with an idea for your next project, business, book or work of art---and feel stuck? No matter how much you concentrate it feels like nothing is flowing through your brain. Yet, previously, you could come up with a long list of rough ideas. Now you feel like the proverbial author endlessly staring at a blank page in his typewriter.


Others are depending on you to come up with that next great idea. It could be for a marketing campaign, solution to a problem, new business idea. Yet the previously endless stream of brilliance you are known for seems to have dried up.


What gives? And how do you reconnect with that creative genius inside you again?

Conventional advice says:

  • take a break
  • go on vacation
  • set aside time each day and just work at it, the ideas will come
  • relax! the more anxious you get the worse it will be 

There are two camps on the concept of creativity:

  • those who believe in waiting for the mood to strike
  • those who think the creative process is a muscle to be exercised---the more you work at it the stronger it gets

What if conventional thinking is lacking and it's all about reconnecting with how your brain thought as a child?

As a child, your mind was open to all kinds of ideas. Over time and teaching, many are taught to "de-create". Could this process later in life become the stumbling block you are now experiencing?

There are ways to process this and get your mind to jump start into creation mode again.

For Introverts such as myself, I find being creative requires perhaps more open time and space to tap into my creative mind. If you identify as introverted, here are a few ideas suited to your personality to get into creation mode:

  • take a lot of "do nothing" time. It could be an afternoon, a weekend, a week or longer
  • seclude yourself from others: turn off phones, TV, no visitors, take a nap etc. While extroverted people enjoy bouncing ideas off each other, this doesn't help introverts
  • do anything you find relaxing other than trying to think up ideas: listen to music, read something uplifting, meditate, paint, play a game
  • make a rough idea list as you think of them--don't worry about spelling or even fleshing out the idea yet. As ideas pop in while you're doing something else, just allow them in without judgement as to whether they are "good" or "bad"
  • put your list away and continue your time away
  • after your seclusion time has ended, look over your list and choose an idea that resonates with you

Like any form of self development, it's a process. As a child, days seemed longer and time seemed stretched. Tapping into your child mind can help you reconnect with your creative process.

Here's an article from BizCatalyst360 that goes into more depth, with solutions here:READ HERE

To your abundance with love, Suzanne

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